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Gelli Printing Bookbinding

After spending a day gelli printing (and having huge fun!) I decided to use the prints and turn them into a bookbinding project.  




Made a box for my bookbinding corner cutting tools. 


Aww, I found miniature shears at a miniature fair. How tiny they look next to my work shears! 



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Happy Printing Days

My new printing press arrived. Hurrah!! It works beautifully and the days of Happy Printing can now start in ernest.


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Not a Pig

Me and my friends talked about money boxes we made when we were little. Covering a balloon with wallpaper paste and newspaper, using parts of egg boxes to make legs and nose and create a pig. Curious about it, I tried to recreate one of these money boxes – with no success. Two legs and the nose fell off and I created a monster!


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